It was a year ago today that I performed an outdoor wedding. Yes, you read that right, outdoors on January 10th!

I must admit, in the weeks leading up to the day I was doing my best not to worry about a blizzard, or freezing rain, or -20º C temperatures. There was a Plan B, of course, there always is, but my concern was about the safe arrival of all parties, including myself.

As it turned out, it couldn’t have been a more beautiful day! It was slightly above zero, with a clear blue sky and bright sunshine. Everyone arrived at the picturesque farm in plenty of time.

Even the horses, who were hanging their heads over the fence, were excited to see the steampunk assemblage of bridal party and guests. People took their seats on straw bales in an open pavilion to await the arrival of the couple.

I had designed the space to include a circle of pine boughs in which the ceremony would take place. We hadn’t counted on the mud, which was due to the rise in temperature, but the best man and the dads were very obliging and they spread straw on the “aisle” to make a clean path. There they were, in grand top hats and tailcoats, cheerfully strewing straw! It worked very well.

After a few minutes a fanfare of Here Comes the Bride, played on a trumpet by the farmer father, heralded the couple who arrived by dogsled. It was delightful! It took a few minutes for the cheering to stop and the processional to begin.

It was a short ceremony, just over fifteen minutes. It had to be. It was a gorgeous day, but it was NOT June!

The couple walked jubilantly back down the aisle amid the lighthearted ringing of bells and noisemakers. The horses leaned forward to see what all the fuss was about, and the photographer included them in some romantic shots reminiscent of the steam era.

Hot toddies awaited everyone inside the farmhouse. Coats, boots and mitts came off and a joyous celebration followed.

It was certainly a grand way to start off the weddings of 2013!

Happy Anniversary you two!