Selena, a colleague, said, “Once you have seen a Life-Cycle Celebrant™ wedding, nothing else will do” and I have to agree.

I frequently have the honour of performing weddings. I am always delighted to see joy in the faces of attendants and guests as I present the couple as they truly are – in love, and wanting to share their happiness with everyone in their own unique way. I see surprise and delight when I read a heartwarming, personal, one-of-a-kind Life-Cycle Celebrant® ceremony that I have created with clients. There really is nothing like it. People lean forward in their chairs with bright eyes and keen interest. I see nods, smiles, and sometimes giggles of recognition and appreciation. Tissues are lifted to eyes at touching moments. I can see that they have never seen a ceremony like this before, and it is a thrill for me every time.

Comments after ceremonies confirm what I already know – people are delighted.

I feel very, very fortunate to be able to design, write and perform Life-Cycle Celebrant™ weddings, and all ceremonies. Nothing compares to a bespoke ceremony where everything is created with the client’s personal world as a basis.

Yes, Selena, you are so right, a Life-Cycle Celebrant™  ceremony really has no equal.