Celebrate life’s precious moments

Ceremonies that mark your journey with honour, joy and respect.
Suzanne Myers - Owen Sound Wedding Celebrant and Officiant - Personal Threshold

Ceremonies of Remembrance

It is time to pay tribute to a loved one. You must plan a memorial, a funeral, an interment, a scattering of ashes, or choose a final resting place for an urn in your care. You are reeling from the loss and you want a kind, compassionate hand with this difficult task.

With my guidance you can honour and remember your loved one in a unique, meaningful ceremony that is true to the person. A memorial ceremony, and the life story it tells, must be genuine and sincere. It is a passage that must feel authentic to you, and it must acknowledge what is most important to you and your family so you can do what you have come to do: remember, share, and start on your path to healing.

Suzanne Myers - Owen Sound Wedding Celebrant and Officiant - Personal Threshold

Personal Threshold

Maybe you want to celebrate a big moment in your life, like a milestone birthday, retirement, a new job, or even finalizing a divorce. Let’s work together to create a ceremony that carries you across the threshold into the next phase of your life. You may choose to do this quietly with one or two people or you may want to make a big splash – it is up to you.
Suzanne Myers - Owen Sound Wedding Celebrant and Officiant - Baby Welcoming

Baby Welcoming

You may choose to have a Naming or a Welcome ceremony, but whichever you decide you will want to celebrate the arrival of your little one. Introduce your new wee guest of honour to your nearest and dearest with a warm, inclusive ceremony that greets and encircles your bundle of joy.
Suzanne Myers - Owen Sound Wedding Celebrant and Officiant - Business Opening

Business Opening/Closing

This is a big moment for you. For years you have dreamed of the day you would open your own business and now it is here. Let’s work together to bring your celebration to life as you embark on this exciting new path.

Or, maybe the time has come to close the doors of the business you have nurtured for ages. It is time to move on, and you’re ready. Together we will create a transition into your next chapter of life with a nod to all that you have done and a big welcome to your future world.

“Suzanne, it is perfect! And it continues to bring tears to my eyes. Thank you so much for creating such a vibrant and spirited ceremony for this day.”

Rhythmwood Studio Opening

“Suzanne, my sweet girl, Roses are red, violets are blue, I don’t know how I can ever thank you. The work and the dedication, the words and the delivery – I will cherish that magical afternoon forever.”  

Sheila, Milestone Birthday Celebration

“It was a magical day indeed and I would not have missed it for anything. Your style and grace is enchanting.”

A guest after a Croning ceremony

Ceremony was perfect! ………Lots of compliments!

K & P

Suzanne Myers - Owen Sound Wedding Celebrant and Officiant - New Home

New Home

You just moved into your new home and you are getting used to the feel of it. Maybe you want to celebrate the newness of the moment and set your intentions for health, happiness and prosperity for your future.

Let’s work together to create a house blessing to set you off right in your new abode.

Suzanne Myers - Owen Sound Wedding Celebrant and Officiant - Croning


A croning ceremony is an ancient, overlooked rite of passage for a woman. In traditional terms, a woman’s life is seen in three main phases: Maiden, Mother, Crone. Some women dislike the word “crone” because it denotes images of the hags in fairy tales. But, in fact, crone is a designation of honour. When a woman transitions through menopause and takes on her crone aspect she becomes revered as an elder or a wise woman. In a Croning ceremony a circle of women comes together to celebrate her life, honour the wisdom she has acquired on her path, and revere the threshold she crosses into her later years.
Suzanne Myers - Owen Sound Wedding Celebrant and Officiant - Farewell

Farewell to a home or community

You are sorting and packing and dealing with a myriad of details. Moving is stressful, and maybe you are feeling a twinge of sadness as each little thing you pack brings back a memory of the life you had in the home you are about to leave. Together we can create a suitable farewell as you prepare to step out the door for the last time.

You are moving away from your home, your friends, your community. It is a bittersweet passage as you prepare for the new life that awaits you and you look back over your shoulder at the life you are leaving behind. We can work together to create a farewell that honours the past, guides you through the change, and waves goodbye to you as you head out into your next chapter.

Suzanne Myers - Owen Sound Wedding Celebrant and Officiant - Community Ceremonies

Community Ceremonies

Entire communities experience change together. You may wish to bring people together for celebration, for healing, or in remembrance of a shared experience, place, or interest. Perhaps you want to honour the change of the seasons, the meaning of the landscape, or the ending of a well loved gathering or building. Let’s get creative and design whatever suits the occasion and honour the meaning of the day.