“Good work that leaves the world softer and fuller and better than ever before is the stuff of which human satisfaction and spiritual value are made.”

– Joan Chittister

Sometimes things just fall into place and they make perfect sense.

For years I worked in the arts. I taught dance and art. I also freelanced with several event planning companies. Then three deaths happened in my family in a short span of time and my whole life changed. Just like that.

It was then that I developed a condition in my feet that kept me out of the dance studio. I guess you would say I was knocked off my feet by grief and rapid change. All of a sudden everything was different, and scary. I didn’t know what would happen next, and yet I had faith that my life would eventually take a turn for the better.

My parents had not wanted a formal funeral, which left my siblings and I somewhat lost, without closure, and without feelings of comfort or guidance. We wanted a gathering of some kind to get us through. My sister said she would look after it.

Over a year later our family and close friends gathered at a place that had been significant to my parents. What followed was a heartfelt, poignant, but also lighthearted hour in which we shared sorrow, laughter, and ritual to carry us over a threshold into the new and different life before us. It was remarkable. It was different from any memorial or funeral any of us had ever seen. It was personal, real, and rich with what mattered to us. And yes, there was a Life-Cycle Celebrant™ to thank for the beauty and wisdom of that day.

That week, with my sore feet up on the coffee table, I did some serious thinking. I had known my calling would come. The art of ceremony, ritual and storytelling was opening up for me. This felt like the next natural step. I have a spiritual nature and I was thrilled to learn that I could work toward ordination with the Canadian International Metaphysical Ministry. I had a conversation with the celebrant who had helped our family. Then I enrolled in the crème de la crème in celebrant training in North America: The Celebrant Foundation and Institute.
The Institute says,

“The press and many people consider our nonprofit, Celebrant Foundation & Institute’s program of studies to be the equivalent of an ivy league education for ceremony and ritual.”

I had landed on my feet in a place that was so right for me it felt like the world was welcoming me with open arms. The path was intensive and worth every moment.

Years ago, when my husband proposed, we were so excited we didn’t stop to wonder who would marry us. We all have dreams for our wedding day, and ours did not include having difficulty finding someone to perform our nuptials, but, with our interfaith needs, that is exactly what happened. We didn’t want a city hall wedding. We wanted something bigger. In the end we were just plain lucky. A friend of a friend was able to legally bring us together on our big day, but it sure was stressful trying to find an officiant who would bridge that gap for us. If only there had been Life-Cycle Celebrants around then!

Today I bring my creative, artistic self into my work and it is a natural fit.

Let’s connect. Whether we gather to honour the life of a dear one who has passed away, or to celebrate the joy of your wedding day, I would love to have the chance to write the stories that are meaningful to you and present them in a heartfelt way to the important people in your life.

Thanks for reading!

– Suzanne Myers


We – and our guests – were completely blown away by the unique, funny, and heartfelt ceremony that Suzanne put together. In a few short meetings, Suzanne was able to capture who we were individually, and as a couple. Even though we had lived our love story already, she was able to make it feel magical to hear again. The ceremony was beyond perfect, and we would highly recommend Suzanne to anyone looking for a fun, easy, and professional experience.






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