In August 2012 Rhythmwood  opened the doors of a beautiful new straw bale studio that was ten years in the making. The building is inviting, warm and inspiring, to say the least. The earthen floor is of particular interest. It is lovingly crafted by hand and the result is a surface that is smooth, buttery, and soft as leather. The exquisite use of colour, the generosity of space, and the velvety floor all make Rhythmwood a dancer’s dream come true.

It was my great honour to create the opening ceremony for this very special studio. Imagine my delight when I closed the ceremony with the following:

“Esteemed guests, Wendy will invite everyone into the studio momentarily. After you have ooohed and aaahed at the inside, she invites all of you to enjoy some light refreshments, after which, please honour Wendy by initiating the gorgeous new floor in a Nia jam session with a gathering of Nia teachers who fondly, and joyfully, offer their passionate expertise. Friends, please remove your shoes before entering. Nia is a barefoot dance and THIS is hallowed ground.”