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  • Tulips

    How Do I Kiss Him?

    A beautiful bride stood before me, a vision of white silk and flowers. Her face was flushed with excitement and nervousness. Her Maid of Honour leaned forward with a reminder for her to hold her bouquet low, at about waist level. “Are you ready?” I […]

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  • Zena Curwain June 2011 144 SM

    Life-Cycle Celebrant™ weddings – nothing else will do….

    Selena, a colleague, said, “Once you have seen a Life-Cycle Celebrant™ wedding, nothing else will do” and I have to agree. I frequently have the honour of performing weddings. I am always delighted to see joy in the faces of attendants and guests as I present the couple as […]

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  • Sunflower E1354138685727

    Outdoor Wedding Tips…

    Many people want to get married outside. I don’t blame them. My husband and I did it too. The morning of our wedding presented us with a dark grey sky and ominous clouds. Not good. However, we were very fortunate because the sky cleared at […]

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  • Zena Curwain Aug 2011 117 NO LOGO SM1 E1389912882667

    Is it magic?

    Do you believe in love at first sight? Couples often tell me that they had a sense, right from the very beginning, that their relationship was meant to be. Some of them were very sure, and others came to realize it over the course of […]

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  • IMG 0487

    Warm hearts, cold day…

    It was a year ago today that I performed an outdoor wedding. Yes, you read that right, outdoors on January 10th! I must admit, in the weeks leading up to the day I was doing my best not to worry about a blizzard, or freezing […]

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  • Zena Curwain Jan 2008 010 SM E1385670097572

    He’ll say, “Are you married?…

    Are you planning to get engaged this Christmas? It is a romantic thing to do, and many couples choose to pop the question in the midst of the tinsel and mistletoe. You might choose a quiet, magic moment when the hubbub dies down and the […]

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  • 1185930 512914312128944 1915928981 N1 E1386874106341

    A Bicycle Built for Two…

    Brett and Terra were married on the windy shore of Lake Huron. Their tandem bicycle leaned against a nearby tree. Brett owns the bicycle shop in Southampton. It was natural to write a love story that highlighted the bike they would ride following the ceremony. […]

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  • Zena Curwain June 2008 698 SM

    “I think I wanna marry you”…

    Valentine’s Day 2012 greeted lovers with bright sun and blue skies. A light breeze rustled perfectly coiffed hair and lifted bits of lace on white dresses. Thirty men adjusted ties and thirty women applied that last little touch of lipstick. Today was their wedding day. […]

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  • Zena Curwain Jan 2008 010 4x6 SM

    Songs of snow and lace….

    Have you noticed that many songwriters sing about weddings? Today as I watched the swirling snow I was reminded of the song Hejira by Joni Mitchell. I think we can all relate to these pensive lyrics. We have our desires and our fears, our dreams […]

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  • Flowervaseslider

    Short, sweet and legal…

    I am often asked if I do basic weddings; short, sweet, and legal. Yes, I do. They are not custom, but they are intimate, romantic and poetic. You may want to personalize your ceremony by writing your own vows, or choosing your own reading. Or, you […]

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