About You

Congratulations! You’re getting married!

Is This You?

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  • You take delight in giving tradition a little twist, or even a big twist.
  • Or, you like tradition, but you think it might be great to add or subtract an element or two.
  • You are fun, with a playful side, and you want your ceremony to reflect that lighthearted, or even quirky, part of you.
  • You feel your ceremony should be unique and you want your guests to enjoy something different.
  • You are planning an interfaith marriage and you are not sure how to bring your two worlds together.You may not know who can do this for you, or where you can hold this kind of wedding.
  • You feel that a spiritual ceremony might suit you better than a religious one. Or, you want to know how to use just the right amount of religion without being too traditional. Or, maybe less spiritual content is your preference.
  • You are planning an LGBTQ wedding and you want something really special that speaks to your dreams and ideas.
  • Perhaps you’ve been married before and this time you want it done YOUR way. You want something unique for who you are now.
  • Maybe you want your kids or grandkids to be part of the ceremony and you could use some help with including them in a meaningful way.
  • You want your ceremony to be a shining tribute to your love and commitment to one another.
  • Creating a bespoke ceremony appeals to you, like having your signature on every detail.
  • You want your family and friends to truly enjoy your ceremony and you want them to see how much it suits you.
  • You know what you want, or, if you are not quite sure, you are eager to work it through with some expert guidance.
  • You have some ideas or visions, but you could use a little help weaving them together.

If these statements sound like you, I may be the Life-Cycle Celebrant™ you are seeking. Maybe you have questions you would like to ask. Let’s chat on the phone and then get together to see if we are a good match. Your initial consultation is complimentary with no obligation, so don’t be shy about contacting me.