About Me

About Me


portraitWith my eclectic background in art, dance and arts-related occupations, many years of event planning, and a love of symbols and ritual, celebrancy came as a natural calling. I found my way to certification at the crème de la crème in celebrancy training and expertise, The Celebrant Foundation and Institute, which is at the heart of teaching the best of the best in Celebrant education.

How would my diverse blend of skills benefit you? My strong sense of design and pattern allows me to weave and interweave your unique dreams and visions into a ceremony that is created from the threads of meaning in your life. It means a well-woven, smoothly choreographed ceremony where you can take a deep breath, relax and rest assured that you and your guests will be honoured and guided through your milestone in a unique and truly memorable way. A way that is designed just for you.

In 2015 and 2016 I was honoured to receive the Couple’s Choice Award from Weddingwire.com

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About the Photographer



I share the good fortune of many Canadians in that I have two home towns: Toronto, where I was born and now live, and Cambridge , England , where I grew up.
One constant in my life has been a deep appreciation for nature. In the city, I have a garden, and just like the wildlife, I find refuge in the parks, ravines and leafy cemeteries that dot our landscape. Identifying myself as an artist and displaying my photographs in public is a relatively new venture for me, and I invite you to come along and see the world as I do, through my lens.
Zena Curwain   http://artzphotography.yolasite.com/